Buitendijk Techniek

Gangway Towers

Designs, produces and delivers sophisticated Gangway Systems, which are easy to change according to client demands. These systems are used to give personal and crew access to ship and shore. The access gangway can be fully automatic in standard execution or tailor-made to meet client requirements



Key products include access towers, telescopic gangways with self levelling steps, electric or hydraulic cranes, control cabins, (EX) radiographic remote control systems and fire fighting equipment



SHF Cranes

Designs, produces and delivers a wide range of cranes for: seagoing ships, ships for inland waterways, dredgers, on- and off-shore usage, hose handling and for ex purposes. SHF Cranes can be manual, electric, and hydraulic or diesel driven. With all the cranes



Offers various types of towers depending upon the clients project needs including fixed jib slewing deck crane, luffing by cylinder, telescopic cranes, folding jib cranes, customised overhead cranes, rack and pinion driven pump- and engine room cranes or trolleys