GFRP Rebars For Soft Eyes

FiReP® REBAR FRP reinforcement is the production range for internal reinforcement of concrete structures. It offers a wide range of different shapes, that almost every shape known from steel rebar can be produced in FRP.

FiReP® REBAR FRP reinforcement can either be used for permanent applications e.g. in case of requirements of highest durability, maintenance free and corrosion free structures as well as in the case of the requirement to avoid disturbances of electric or magnetic fields or for temporary application (e.g. Soft-Eyes)

For temporary reinforcement of diaphragm walls, it is now state of the art to use a mixed cages of steel in the upper and lower section and FRP in the middle section. This section, called “Soft-Eye”, that will later be cut by TBM, is important for time and cost effective operation of TBM.


Key advantages include high corrosion resistance for permanent application, proper bonding to concrete high tensile strength, low weight, magnetic neutrality / antimagnetic and easy cutting


Key applications include the use of rebars in temporary application (soft eye), exposed structures, infrastructural buildings, waterway engineering, railways/ aprons using induction loops, industrial plants, foundations to name a few



GFRP Rockbolts

FiReP® POWERTHREAD® is a system of FRP rock bolts and FRP injection tubes with advanced strength and head load. It was developed for strata support in mining and tunnelling as well as for slope and face stabilization.

Due to continuous coarse thread profiles the bolts and tubes can be trimmed if needed. The products have a high ultimate load and due to their profile they offer a maximum bondage with all grouting material. The cutting ability protects machinery and equipment and prevents damage to machinery and equipment while drifting and enlarging tunnels. The bolts and tubes have a high corrosion resistance under acid conditions and are well suited for permanent support.

The improved flexibility of long tendons is well suited for application without couplings in confined locations. Due to its high tensile strength the bolt has a high and immediate load bearing capacity if applied with fast setting resin capsules. The low weight facilitates handling.


Offers an all-thread bolt, provides for high end loading, flexibility, easy handling and antistatic coating (optionally)


FiReP's® POWERTHREAD®technology is primarily used for permanent support of structures, temporary application, for application without coupling in confined locations, in cementious grout, resin capsules and injection of resin


For Powerthread® Rockbolts different types of accessories can be used. FiReP offers nuts such as steel nut, FRP nut and FRP Powernut, plates as well as couplers.


GFRP Self Drilling Rock Bolts

FiReP® SPINMAX® is a self drilling rock bolt with advanced torque and pressure resistance. The high load bearing capacity of the threaded profile allows strong jointing with drill bits, nuts and also couplers.

Due to it’s cuttability SPINMAX® FRP Self-Drilling Rockbolt is an economical alternative and also offers enormous advantages for modern rapid heating methods in tunneling. Furthermore the cuttability protects the machinery and avoids obstructions while drifting or enlarging tunnels. The bolt has a high radial pressure resistance for injections with resins or grout and is corrosion resistant for permanent support.

The SPINMAX® offers a high tensile strength and can carry high loads. Its low weight with high torsional strength makes the bolt well suited for works in loose rock up to a maximum hardness of 60 – 70 MPa.


Offers various distinct advantages including super high torque resistance, high end loading, easy handling and carries a R32 standard thread profile


Key applications include face stabilization, forepoling, slope stabilization, ground support in soft rock and systematic rock bolting



GFRP Cable Bolts

FiReP® CABLEX® is a FRP cable bolt with high strength and high flexibility and durability in acid environment. The bolt can be assembled easily, either at the factory or directly on job site, as there are no special tools or equipment required to do so.




Key advantages include easy assembling on job site, easy handling and flexibility


CABLEX® is primarily applied while undertaking long bolting of pilot tunnels, bolting set from parallel tunnels, face stabilization and slope protection