Nelson offers a complete line of stud welding systems under the Nelson® Nelweld®, N800i™, N1500i™, and NCD+™ brands and offers custom designed modular, fixed production and robotic TARC and NUT welding systems. The company offers its products through two categories, namely,



Key Applications

  • Automotive Sector : Typical applications include securing body trims, electrical fuel and hydraulic lines, components and insulation
  • Construction Sector : Offers a full complement of stud welding fasteners and application equipment to non-residential building contractors and OEMs for use in applications ranging from bridges and high-rise buildings to construction machinery and power generation equipment including nuclear power plants
  • Industrial sector : Offers products that are used by OEM's in the manufacture of arm machinery, drilling machinery, maintenance vehicles, power transformers, industrial control systems, gas turbine engines and conveyor belts to consumer and commercial products such as kitchen ranges, washers, recreational vehicles and medical equipment